Explaining the Unexplainable

December 13, 2007
By zac bol, Wilmore, KY

How do you explain the unexplainable? Some things you just can’t explain. That’s where miracles fall in line. I believe miracles do happen.

On Christmas last year a miracle happened that was colored white. I am talking about my Xbox 360 that I got. As Christmas comes up I start looking into the price of the 360 I wanted it so bad. My hopes plummeted like a iron weight in water. Looking at the $500 price tag my parents said slim chance buddy. Then one present for me on Christmas morning proved to me a miracle had occurred. I had let a excited yes and threw my hands in the air as opened it.

Miracles do not only come in packages, but in other fine ways too. Acceptance can be a powerful miracle within its self. I had lived in a place where I had many friends and I was popular. My dad had to find a new job and he found one here in Kentucky. I was so upset because I was going to leave very good friends behind and a family which were very dear to me. I ended getting physically sick with a horrible cough that sounded if my lungs were coming out. In time the doctor said to me just let it go, and subconsciously it clicked to me to let it go. The pain and restless nights stopped I had finally let it go. This miracle was the fact that I could accept the reality of the situation and recover from the sickness.

Miracles always seem to come at the right time, but you never really know when they will come. Reality clicks can usually mean bad news, but for me it was very different. About 2 years ago I was spending the night over at a friend’s house. 2 people had knocked on his door and ask if his parents were home and he replied no. Those same people had broken into his house. I thought my friend was joking, but in his basement in the subpumper room. You could hear a rattling which struck fear into my heart. We ended up getting his pocket knives and bb guns. We had search the house using swat style technique to make sure we didn’t get hurt or killed. We checked and all that had been taken was his grandmother’s vase. So I ended up leaving the next day saying nothing about the situation. That night I had prayed about it for his vase to be found and those greedy blanks to be imprisoned. A couple days later my friend calls saying “Hey man I got great news I found the vase and cleaned it up and those guys were caught trying to rob a hotel.” That news brought two things to me first a fit of joy. Also what else it brought was the reality of the situation that had occurred. The fact that the miracle of prayer worked and the time was random but timing couldn’t have been any better.

In the mix of it all these stories has taught me the importance of faith. Miracles are out there and they are waiting. Keep your hopes high and faith strong.

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