Overcoming Problems

December 13, 2007
By david lay, Nicholasville, KY

Have you ever felt like giving up or not telling the truth in a difficult time? Would you get into trouble from the choice you made? We all make the wrong choice sometimes but eventually we make the right choice. I believe the self discipline, is the only discipline that last.

When you make those bad choices I know how easy it is to tell a fib. Like one time me and my cousins were shooting our bb guns in the back yard. I deiced to shoot a little orange cone off the tire swing. Little did I know that it was a big mistake. The bb went through the cone and happened to hit the glass back door. It cracked from top to bottom. I was scared to tell on myself, but I knew it was for the best. Luckily I didn’t get in to much trouble because they were going to by a new door anyway.

When you think you have about all you can take and you want to give up, then that is when you got to dig deep and keep going. Like when I weight lift. Sometimes I don’t feel like going but I discipline myself to go anyways to get stronger. I also keep count of my reps. Each day the coaches have a certain number of reps we do for each lift. If we do 4 sets of 6 on bench then I will do each one.

You know when you got a big assignment due and you don’t feel like doing it. I had a science project due last year and I didn’t do it until the night before it was due. I learned a valuable lesson. My project was one of the sloppiest in the class. I still got a decent grade but I wasn’t happy with it because I new I could do better.

When you discipline yourself you won’t repeat the mistake That you caused for the discipline. If some else disciplines you then you might not learn the first time. If you discipline yourself then you will remember what you did. Three word that describe self discipline are never give up.

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