December 13, 2007
By hunter dean, Nicholasville, KY

“Stupid is as stupid does” as Forest Gump would say. I don’t think that this phrase is completely true. I actually like to switch out and add words to this phrase to make it more realistic than it is now.. I believe that some of the things you think are stupid are actually very wise.

One day my dog wouldn’t come in from the rain. I was really mad. He just played with his bone in the rain. I finally got some shoes on so that I could go out there and get him. Yet he just ran away from me. He thought he was being funny but he wasn’t. he was actually being very stubborn. He finally laid down and gave up. I thought he was being stupid but he was actually being wise. By staying out there he was having fun and not getting in trouble. If he had come in he would have been put in his cage. Instead he stayed out there and had fun evading me.

Then at one time I actually thought that wearing mouth guards in soccer was a stupid idea. For one they were too big. The one I had was big and blue with orange in the middle. I hated it. I never really wore it. It looked really funny with our mouths sticking out. Plus I never saw anyone ever use them. I didn’t think they were stupid anymore after I got hit in the jaw and bit and bruised my tongue. It hurt really bad. It was bruised for almost 2 weeks. If I had been wearing my mouth guard I would have never bit my tongue.

I used to think that wearing protective paintball gloves was stupid. My buddies and I went out and played a round of big teams king of the hill. Their was about 16 of us. It was really for a party. I was padded with a black sweat shirt. I was not wearing gloves. Shots were fired upon the top of the hill where we had made our base. Two of us returned fire, but at that time they ambushed us from behind. They lit up my hands and back. I was shot a total of thirteen times. My hands were very purple and had lots of whelps. They hurt for the rest of the weekend. I got shot in the hands from fifteen feet away and it hurt because I thought that wearing protective paintball gloves was stupid yet it was very wise. Lets just say that I now wear padded paintball gloves.

I believe that knowledge is found in the stupidest of places. My dog may be stupid but if he is any thing else it is wise just for the way he thinks and makes his decisions.

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