Second Chances

December 13, 2007
By Chelsy Perez, Nicholasville, KY

Have you ever wondered if life can give you a second chance. Sometimes when you think that everything is going wrong just take a think if you didn’t have a second chance at life. I believe that life can sometimes give you a second chance.

We got hit by an oncoming car. There were doors flying closed, doors closing on people and people’s eyes, people flying, glass going everywhere, it was just so drastic. Sirens were wailing to get the injured people. JC was sitting in the driver side and just seconds before he got out to help his dad, if he would have still been sitting there when the car hit he would not be here to this day. After, they had to put ambulances and police cars around us to protect us, they didn’t expect a lot of people to live but surprisingly and thank God we all did.

We had gotten into a lot of arguments. So we broke up and took a break. Later on he said he was sorry and we got back together. It just seemed so right to give him another chance over something so small. “Shut up your so stupid.”, “thanks for calling me stupid I appreciate it.” Giving him a second chance, was like giving him another time to live.

My sister and I get into so many arguments and for some reason we always make-up and talk to eachother again. Then, we fight again and make-up for another time. “Oh my gosh, I hate you don’t ever talk to me.” “Good, I really don’t care if you hate me, I hate you too.” Even though we fight and say that we hate one another, we still love eachother very much. Giving her another chance, is like giving her another to be mean.

We sometimes get what we don’t deserve. Even though we might think that all these things are happening because God doesn’t love us. But he does just remember everything happened for a reason, and life will get better. Now that I know that everything happens for a reason, I know that the car accident was a test to see if I still had faith in God.

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