December 13, 2007
By Sammy Jo Meador, Nicholasville, KY

Apparently during your high school and middle school years, Rumors are your best friend. Yeah right, their more like your worst enemy. Rumors are the semi worst thing you could possibly think about going into your first year of Middle school. Growing up and getting to go to 6th grade was my absolute dream come true- Turns out it was the worst years of my life. I believe that secrets do not make friends.
Walking in seeing the giant “colt” on the floor I was literally jumping with joy. I couldn’t wait to finally grow up and be just like my older sister. In my eyes she was the perfect example of amazing. She was Pretty, Smart and very nice, everything I wanted to be. My sister was top of her class, she had the hippest clothes and the coolest phone and she was perfect she hung out with her friends every single night. Staying up late, Hanging with friends and having fun were exactly what I wanted to do. But my life was totally opposite, I had a bedtime, and the only thing I got close to fun was sitting on the front porch with my neibor, Yeah im a real party animal.
Turns out I grew up to be something totally opposite. 6th grade and 7th grade changed my life. I was a cheerleader top of my class, Rather preppy I must admit. Judged people by what they wore and what they looked like. Yeah making fun of people and judging them was my thing- Until my supposed to be best friend was talking behind my back. I felt betrayed stabbed in the back and my emotions were all mixed up. This was the first time I had ever really got into a fight with my best friend, my head felt weak. My stomach turned and honestly I felt like I was about to cry, I knew I had to hold it all in because I was a big girl in middle school and I definitely didn’t want to get made fun of for crying. 8th grade year I came back, I changed my clothes, my hair and my total attitude. I was the New and improved Sammy. I liked everyone; I talked to everyone No matter how they looked or what they wore, id talk to them. Then everything came back at me, Rumors were flying left and right Sammy cuts her self, Sammy is Bulimic, Sammy’s a freak! I sunk lower then I had ever been, I was at the bottom of the black hole.

So there I was getting made fun of, because it had all came back to me .Being in some one else’s point of view really did make me realize that Saying bad things about other people doesn’t help you in the end. You only end up digging yourself a bigger hole in the end. I believe that secrets do not and will not ever make friends.

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