What Happens

December 13, 2007
By Jessica Griffitt, Wilmore, KY

“Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn whatever state I may be in, to be content.” When Helen Keller said this I think she meant that everything has a purpose even things we wouldn’t think of. All of us go through hard times. There is no way to avoid it, but good things always follow. I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Tryouts for the high school basketball team were in a day. Me being only an eighth grader, I was kind of hesitant on playing. I, like most teenage girls, was stressed, tired, and had my mind on other things. To say the least I was scared. My mom pretty much forced me to play because she thought “It would be a great experience”, bla bla bla. So I played. Although at first I was petrified, I started to fit in and realize the time commitment wasn’t that terrible. I played for the freshmen team and occasionally for JV. While practicing everyday with my older teammates and getting game experience I really excelled as a player. I gained priceless relationships with the high school girls and of course stayed in good shape! I’m glad my mom made me play because if I wouldn’t have, this year would be very difficult for me as a freshman player.

This was not the only time my belief was strengthened. I was getting ready to be in seventh grade and pretty excited, I mean it had to be better than sixth right? Then the worst thing possible happened. I was put in the upstairs pod, while my two best friends, Meagen and Allison, were put downstairs. All my worries about my clothes and my classes drifted away, as panic and gloom filled in. How did they expect me to go through a year of middle school without my friends?! I was expecting the year to be a complete disaster. Not only would I not have my best friends, but we wouldn’t even have the same teachers! So what about homework help? As the year progressed I hung out with my friends and acquaintances at the time. Over that year I built some of the best relationships with Arin, Samantha, Sara, and Jakson just to name a few. If the school had not chosen to separate me from my best friends, I would not have become so close with other people. It shows that you need to go into every situation optimistic because you never know what could come out of it.

This did not only happen at school, but also at home. Death always hits families pretty hard, but little can understand how much of a greater effect murder is. My “Auntie M” was murdered almost two years ago. Her being my dad’s little sister really impacted him the most. She was that awesome relative that you loved to visit. I was confused and baffled. Why her? To calm my confusion and thought I would talk to my dad for comfort, even though it really hurt him too. Even though it took a long time, our relationship before that had not been very great became strong. He helped me deal with my pain and I tried to help him in forgiving the murder. When this terrible thing hit my family it seemed as if nothing good could come. But it helped me and my dad find a connection, and to realize how much we need to cherish our family. And not to mention how fast they can be taken from you.

Our life is planned out for us by God. From my experience I have learned that all things happen have a purpose. It’s not just to “ruin” our lives. Be optimistic about situations and things reasoning with become more apparent.

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