I Believe in Education

December 13, 2007
What is the secret to success? Most people answer money and a good job, but what can get you both? The answer is brains. Without smarts, it would be hard to get a good job and money. I believe that education leads to success.

As long as I can remember, my hard work in school has earned a lot. When I was younger, my Mema would call and ask how I was doing, you know, the normal Mema stuff, and then she would ask me how I was doing in school. Of course, I never understood why school was that important when I was little; but Mema never received a good education and stressed the importance to me. So, every so often I would come home with a report card with straight A’s and call Mema to tell her the good news. A couple days later I received a card with 20 dollars inside. I would call Mema and thank her for her wonderful blessings. Mema would always tell me I earned it and that my future would be bright. She would support me with stories about how I will be able to make a lot out of my future and earn as much money as I need It was at this time where I realized how important education was. My eyes were opened to all the possibilities education exposed. So, whether as a kid or in the future as an adult, I know that education gives me the money for my life.

But my education benefits had not yet ceased to amaze me. When I took the ACT in 7th grade, I tested my smarts. Of course, my intelligence was nowhere near the brains of an eleventh grader; and of course, this scared the snot out of me, but I tried. Later, I received a letter telling me I earned an 18. I figured I must have learned something in school. In fact, I was surprised and pleased with my grade, so I showed my dad. Now, my dad has always been impressed with my grades. So you could imagine what he thought of my score. He continued to talk about how pleased he was with me and how he thought my future would be great. He even talked about how people could even get into some kind of college with an eighteen. And I can still remember what he would say whenever I brought home any kind of paper with an A, “With these grades, you can be anything you want to be!” It turns out education not only gives you money, but also happiness.

I would quickly learn that education doesn’t just help my future, but my present life as well. Just the other day I was thinking about my education belief and looked around my house. As I was looking at my nice bed, appliances, and clothes, it smacked me in the face. I realized that everything in my house came from my parent’s education. It was a chain, my parent’s education to their jobs to the money they make all the way down to the shampoo I buy. I became curious and talked to my Mom about her education experiences. Out of her whole story, I picked up one thing: education= success. So, again, my theory has been probed. After out little chat, I decided to really take this advice. I mean, after all this, I realized that my life was revolving around education. Even my parents prove that education is success.

Through my past I have gathered that brains is the key to a great future. So, no matter what I do, I think about my theory and try to succeed. And when I start thinking about the future, I can be comforted because “I could be anything.”

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