Asking Questions

December 13, 2007
You can learn many things from just one question. When I was in seventh grade I was tested on a subject that was really hard for me…health. We were studying all the ‘systems’ in your body. Like your immune system, digestive tract and so on. We were tested on those two things. The day before the test, I had asked my teacher a bunch of questions and she gave me tons of answers. With that, I didn’t fail the test. That is why I believe in asking questions.
I was studying the Vietnam War last month in social studies. My teacher went over all the things on the study guide a few days before the test. It included an essay, a matching section, multiple choice, and short answers. I was not prepared. When he went over it, he was skipping all around which made it so confusing to me. He gave the class a chance to ask questions and I didn’t take that chance. When I took the test I was completely lost. About a week later I got my grade from him and I had failed it. That is one time I regret not asking questions over the subjects I was confused on.
When I was in eighth grade I took my opportunity to ask questions. We were studying atoms and ions, electrons and a bunch of sciences stuff. That was a section is science that I wasn’t very familiar with. I had to ask my teacher so many questions. They took great effect on my grade when we had quizzes and tests. I know now that taking that opportunity to ask my teacher those questions that it was a good choice.
Earlier in my life I didn’t believe that asking questions would be so important. I didn’t think I needed to. I believe in asking questions now because doing so had helped me so much in the past. If I hadn’t asked all those questions in science, my grade would have suffered.
When you ask questions you learn something. When I didn’t ask any questions I had failed a test, which made my grade suffer. I learned my lesson. In the future, you will collect more information. That’s because you will have asked questions. That is why I believe in asking questions.

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