Question Everything

December 13, 2007
By keith harstad, Wimore, KY

If you never question, then how do you know you’ve been lied to? Whether someone tells you a rumor or saying something that they believe asking questions will never bring you lie.
I believe that you should always ask questions no matter what.

I remember a few years ago I think it might have been 6th grade I don’t remember but I got an F on a final and my grade was already suffering greatly. So I asked the teacher about it and turns out the scan- tron made a big mistake, I felt so relieved because I thought I was going to be held back for another year and that was the least thing I wanted to happen. So the grade I got was a C- not a very good one but sure as heck better than an F. if I have not asked my grade I would probably not be typing this right now whew.

When a problem arises most people tend to jump though the first action that they think of and end up doing something very stupid. No one realizes how much a simple question even if it’s rhetorical, can affect the outcome of an event and bring things into perspective. Like when one of my friends got mad and decided to fight this one kid over a really ridiculous reason so for a minute I watched them yammer at each other then I noticed the statistics my friend was completely unarmed while the kid was brandishing a skateboard like a maniac, he was about to get his butt kicked for no reason I almost felt like laughing but instead I decided to do something about it before somehow I got included in their fight. So I asked my friend why he wanted to fight and he didn’t even know the answer so they both cooled down and ended up not fighting.

One of the biggest incidents in my opinion that a question kept me from doing something very stupid, was when one of my so called friends said my girlfriend was cheating on me. He had only been dating for three months at the time so I was a little skeptical about it. So instead of jumping to conclusions I talked to her about it, turned out that the kid was jealous and wanted us to break up, and it was just a lil question that changed the outcome of my relationship and if I did not talk to her we would have broken up.

I believe that you should question everything and not just jump to the first idea you come up with, there is never an ending until you say there is and questioning everything will only reveal the truth.

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