Is Life Fair?

December 13, 2007
By Kendrick Kelley, Nicholasville, KY

Does everyone get what’s coming to them? Would it be fair that if for every action there’s an even more harsh consequence or a greater good to come out of it. I would have to say that it would make us all think before we act. I believe that what goes around comes around tenfold.

“Please” Michael pleaded. All my friend wanted was a couple of dollars so he could buy something to eat. Michael hadn’t eaten anything all day so of course I felt bad. So, reluctantly I gave him the $8.00. He must have thanked me a hundred times over. I told him it was alright and he promised that it would be the last time. Later the next day he came over and in return he gave me $16.00 dollars for giving him the money. I guess it wasn’t bad helping someone out ‘cause I made a 200% profit off of my good deed.

So on again. This kid named Jacob started a rumor about me saying I was a liar (don’t really want to get into what I was supposedly lying about) and I’m not. All of my friends were really mad about this whole ordeal and Jacob was getting yelled at left and right I thought it was rather funny because he was being called out on his lie about me. Jacob lost many of his friends. He got what he deserved he lost all of his close friends.

Then there was a PARTY! I was at lunch when I heard about the party, my friend Jonathan was throwing a party on his birthday at 1:00 AM and it cost $5.00. I paid me way so I could go. I told my parents that I was staying the night with my friend Josh and we snuck out of his house at about 11:30 PM so we wouldn’t be late. We got there in time we were there having a good time and then we passed out in a field (not a great idea by the way) and apparently someone called josh’s dad and told him where we were. He brought us back to his house and my mom came to get me. I went straight to bed when I got home then my mom comes in and tells me to come in the living room and then I saw George Josh’s dad and I was thinking
"Oh, I'm soooo much trouble”
He explained to my mom what happened and she of course grounded me. I got what I deserved a horrible headache and a grounding for the record books.
I believe everyone gets what they deserve. It’s only fair that if you do something wrong or do something bad you should have a consequence. And I deserved to be grounded.

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