Be Happy?

December 13, 2007
By Theresa Waugh, Wilmore, KY

“Be happy, don’t worry, things will work out!” We have all heard this saying so many times. But do we actually live by it? I believe we should. We all worry way too much about all sorts of little things. I believe that tomorrow will become a brighter day.
Not that long ago I went through tough time myself. I moved from a little country called New Zealand to the USA. As you can imagine it was a trying time, leaving everyone and everything I’ve ever know to move to Kentucky! At first it was hard trying to get used to this new way of life... first the horrible jetlag, living in a tiny apartment and knowing barely anyone. Now six months later, I’ve gotten used to the different time zones, living in a small house and I’ve made many more friends. I am feeling much more at home now. Even before going through this big move I knew that it would be tough, but it was well worth it!
We can help others through tough times, remember “What goes around comes around!” A few years back, some good friends of ours moved to New Zealand from the USA. We decided to help them out as much as we possibly could. We helped find them a house, a school that their kids could go to and showed them around the new city they would be living in. One year later they admitted that they couldn’t have done it with out us. Now, 3 years after they landed, they are really enjoying themselves and can’t imagine going back.
When I moved from New Zealand to here, I had to start at a new high school. Most people have moved schools from one time to another, and it is hard at first. When I changed schools it was really, really hard, lets just say, American schools are really different to New Zealand schools! In New Zealand we wear uniforms, and go outside for lunch, morning-tea and gym. Also knowing pretty much no-one just added to how hard it was to make friends in this new school. Now after a couple of months in school I know so many more people and have made a whole heap more friends. Everyone goes through tough times, but trust me, it can only get better!
Tomorrow can only get better, no matter how hard things are. Everyone goes through trying times, moves, relationships and so many other stuff can make life hard. It does, it honestly does happen to everybody at different times of their life. Don’t ever forget, tomorrow is another day and its up to you to make things better.

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