December 13, 2007
By Austin Vanderpool, Nicholasville, KY

“Big problems bring out the best and the worst in everybody.” Friends are people to have fun with, but they are also there to help you get through tight spots. If you ever fall down, there is always a friend to pick you back up. Every body needs a friend. I believe that friends are trustworthy.
“I have free tickets to Kings Island” Kim said. I hadn’t gone to Kings Island for at least three years, and I really wanted to go. I was so exited that I couldn’t sit down for more than a minute at a time. We were all loading up in the car when we realized that we didn’t have enough room in the car for everyone. At that point I thought that the whole trip was ruined and I would never get to go. Kim’s mom decided to step up and let us drive her mini-van. I was so relieved you would think that I just got saved from drowning. Kim’s mom is one nice, trustworthy friend. We trusted her to help us and she pulled through when we needed her most.
About two weeks after this another act of trust came into place. It was a Friday night after school. We were driving to basketball practice and we were late. We got there and I practiced. Afterwards I went outside and waited. After a while I started to wonder what was taking so long. I did not have a phone so I could not get a hold of anybody, I just had to sit there. After a while I got tired of waiting so I went inside to play some more basketball. About thirty minutes later I heard a horn blowing. I went outside and my neighbors were outside waiting. They said that my parents were on the side of the road with a broken down van and they didn’t tell my neighbors to come get me until like five minutes before. My neighbors stepped up to help me to get home. They are my friends and I trusted them to pick me up and bring me home safely.
From this day the van kept going downhill. Different things kept going wrong. When my dad fixed one thing another would go bad. The van would be a problem with more than a few causes. One day we were riding down the rode and the van just died. I t actually wasn’t the van, it was the battery. So there we were stuck on the side of the rode waiting for my dad to come and get us. My mom’s friend ended up calling us just to check on us. He runs a towing business so he just had someone pick us up for free. We can now trust him to help us if we ever break down again.
Friends are always there to help you up. Even when you don’t think that you can make it a friend steps in to carry some of the burden. Think about this, If you ever get broke down, trust a friend.

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