December 13, 2007
Have you ever wonder who you are going to marry? Who your first true love is going to be? Have you try hard to find your true love? Well I believe that true love is hard to find.
When I was 13 teen my sister had fallen in love and I wanted to. I wanted someone that made me happy. Someone that liked me for me. So my sister hook me up with her boyfriend friend(Jake) and we dated for almost 3 months and I had fallen in love I was all ways with him I all ways thought about him and when someone said his name I smiled but are relsonship only lasted like 6 and ½ months.
Even though we are still broken up and he moved on very quickly and has gotten someone else I still to this day can not forget about him he was my first true love but now that I’m 15teen and I have dated a lot of other people since him I still can not find some like him someone that made me happy when I was sad someone that liked me for me.
But people might think that they love the one they are with (they really might love the one they are with) (I have thought I love someone and really not love them) you say I can’t live with out him/her but wait in tell that someone walks in to your life then you will be like I really don’t love the one I’m with I love him.
But I still believe that true love is hard to find even thow I have fount mine and he gone now I have to find someone else and I know that it is going to take time but one day maybe not tomorrow or the next day maybe it might take a few months but one day I love find my true love.
So now that you now why I believe true love so hard to find. Do you believe that it is to?

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