Art in My Life

December 13, 2007
By Paige Spradlin, Nicholasville, KY

What if there was no art? Think of what we would lose paintings, music, books and so muck more. I believe that art is found in many different forms.

I love to write. I write every night before I go to sleep. I write poetry, murder mysteries, and short stories. My favorite is the story about a girl named Ally and how her boyfriend Brad kills her because she tells her best friend Liz about him beating her; it is a really good story line. Then there is my poetry, I have never let anyone read what I write, at least not the poetry. I would be nowhere with out my laptop. I always fix my writing when I type up my stories up, and I add so much detail. I always think about how my art is so different from everything else. People think of art as painting or sculpting, I do neither, but I am still an artist.

I would die with out my camera. The best memories captured on my walls are from my fall break vacation with my friends to St. Louis. We took a picture of The Arch and it looks just like a post card. We got pictures from the top of The Arch; they are at the perfect angle. From those pictures you can see the new stadium, you can see cars and actual people, that’s how clear they are. There are also the pictures of the aquarium they are amazing. My favorite was the cool pictures of the sharks, they look the best and then the pictures of the jellyfish, they are so cool. When your talking about a picture and how its art you think you are talking about a painting, but it is a photo.

I have written music lyrics to. I have written about love, hate and stuff like that. Just like everything else some are good and some are really bad. I don’t think any of my songs I have written have the same tempo or rhythm. I have one song about an argument between my best friend Ashley and me. It had a faster beat, it was really cool when it was in my head but as soon as I had my mom read it, she said it shouldn’t be so up beat it makes it sound like I am happy about the whole thing. The lyrics made since but for some reason the beat was not quite right. So after a little fixing it sounded perfect, I changed the beat to a slow one from a fast one. I really don’t think people realize that music is another form of art.
Through out my life I have noticed that art is in everything. I couldn’t give you a definition of art, there isn’t just one, there’s millions. It truly amazes me.

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