December 13, 2007
Would “miracles” shown on movies or T.V shows make you want to believe that miracles happen? Or would the facts and statements from real people convince you. Let’s see what you think after reading what stories I have to tell. I believe that miracles do happen.

Don’t the younger kids always seem to have luck on their side when in need of a miracle? I mean most are the lucky ones, and I should know because I was one. Most kids at the adventurous age of 4 had either a swing set or a sit-n-bounce. Well I was a special 4 year old because I had a mini roller-coaster. Well like most 4 year olds I was very adventurous, doing things most wouldn’t, like jumping in puddles up to my knees and climbing on the monkey bars at the playground. But me being adventurous, and my mom and I decided that I should go down the roller-coaster on my stomach. But what we didn’t know was that there was a screw sticking out and that that thing would soon make a mark on my life I wouldn’t forget. As I went down I was laughing and having a good time then. . . “Bam!” As I got up all I could feel was this sharp pain, one like I had never felt before, in my stomach. Turns out that as I went down I caught that screw and it cut my stomach up like 2-3 inches. I didn’t really know what had happened but that there was the pain. So my mom, being the heroic mom she was, rushed me inside, gave me one of her shirts. It was so big that it wouldn’t touch the wound. And then she held a wet washcloth to clean it up. Surprisingly it didn’t scar or be bad enough for stitches. But this was a miracle because for such a small child I was for that to happen to, that it didn’t leave a single mark other than the thought of what happened in my memories.

Miracles don’t stop there in your childhood. I once heard that, “Any child born 26-28 weeks into the pregnancy had only a 30% chance for survival.” Lucky for me I was born at 30 weeks but still and little chance for survival. So yeah I was a little scared for my own birth. When I was born, on the 2nd of July instead of on Labor Day, I was a 16 inch baby at 3 pounds, 2 ounces. So I was a small, small, baby. And because I was so small the doctors had to keep me an extra week after birth to make sure I was able to breath and eat. I didn’t really have any trouble with either. So for an entire week after I was born the doctors would just feed me and when they weren’t feeding me they would monitor my breathing and have nurses come in and read to me. By the time I left the hospital I was nearly 5 pounds. All my doctors, nurses, and parents could do for me afterwards was to pray for me and hope someone was watching over me. And I think someone was looking out for me because now I am a healthy, for the most part, young thriving 14 year old. The real miracle was that I would live even though I was born with that little of a chance for survival.

Surey everyone has known or heard of a miracle that has happened in a hospital before but other than those the most common miracles happen in automobile accidents. See my family and I were on our way to Florida in the fall of 2005 and something happened to us that I think we will never forget. We had just gotten into Georgia at like 3 in the morning and we were all asleep accept for my dad who was driving. There were a lot of bumps in the road so I woke up and as soon as I do I just see this stream of shining silver in the mist of the black and then our car just seems to take off. Turns out there was a tractor-trailer truck tire in the middle of a highway and out of 5 cars we were the last to hit it. Another tractor-trailer truck had hit it along with 3 small cars and then our van. Lucky for them it had just popped their tires, but then we hit it and it got stuck under our van destroying the undercarriage of our van. There was oil spilling everywhere, then afterwards there was a lot of chit-chat between my dad and the rental car clerk and more of the boring stuff. But see the miracle was, that the policeman who was helping us and told us that if the tire had been hit any other way, the tire could have possibly gone through the windshield and done damage to us, as in a possible kill. So it was a miracle that we had hit just right that it didn’t do that. In the aftermath we all had some whiplash and my mom had some pain in her shoulder form the seat belts but we were fine.

Through all my experiences I have learned to believe in expecting the unexpected. I don’t think that many in the world could say that they have been in all the miracles my life has held. I have learned more from these than any book could teach me and that’s why I always say a little prayer before the day starts and ends.

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