Life Is Unfair

December 13, 2007
Why is life so unfair? Why do people have to go through so many hard times in their life? Things like deaths or separation from family or friends. Or just times that are really hard to overcome. I believe that life can be really unfair.
Before I came to Kentucky I used to live in Ohio. My dad’s work was losing business and was slowing closing down. So we had to move. We had some family in Kentucky and we visited them for a while my dad and mom both found a job so we decided to move. The whole moving part didn’t really bother me it was leaving the place I spent a whole part of my life at that was the problem, and leaving all of my friends. I really hated it in the beginning, I just thought it was stupid but, we needed a place to live and my parents needed a job so I got over it. So, we moved here and I made some new friends now I’m kind of glad I moved to Kentucky because my friends are super sweet. The moving to a new place where I didn’t know anybody was pretty unfair, even though I got over it.

Something more personal about my life and it being unfair would be when I found out that my aunt had a heart attack. I was on my way home from school riding the bus and I got a phone call from my mom and she told me. As soon as we got home we packed up some clothes and headed down there. Everyone was depressed so things were moving slowly. The ride down there was even worse nobody wanted to talk and everyone was just thinking about what had happened. When we got there we put our things in the rooms we were going to stay at then we went to the hospital to see how my aunt was doing. She was really different she couldn’t talk or anything. We spent a lot of time in the hospital. We stayed until about 2 in the morning then we went home and slept. We did the same thing for the next 3 days. Then we had to go back because of my parent’s job and school. The whole time going home I was thinking “why?” It was really hard to believe and it just seemed unfair.

Then something else horrible happened. Then not even a month later my grandma found out she had cancer in her lungs. She smoked so it was obvious what caused it. She wasn’t any different unlike my aunt but just knowing about it was bad enough. So she had to start a few medical treatments to help cure the cancer. She started chemotherapy and soon they had to use radiation. She got sick from the chemotherapy and she had to go to the hospital a lot. So, first my aunt has a heart attack now my grandma has cancer. It seemed like one bad thing after another was happening. These things that were happening just seemed so unfair to me.

Life can be really unfair, like tragedies in the family or separation from friends. Although you can get over these things there will be other things that happen in life that are just unfair. Whether you can help it or not they will happen. To me life is cruel and unfair and can be really tough.

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