December 13, 2007
By ashley carter, Nicholasville, KY

Have you ever made a mistake? Of course you have, we all have. It’s what makes us human. But you usually learn from those mistakes right? I believe that people learn form their mistakes.
I remember once when I was in 5th grade… I was being really lazy that week, and my teacher put me into this group to do this project and I didn’t do anything. I never did any of the work; I just sat there and daydreamed. The teacher saw me sitting there and doing nothing so she gave me a bad grade on it and gave everyone else a good grade. I have learned my lesson so now when ever I am in a group I always help out with the work.
I was at my grandma’s standing around with my brother and my cousins. We were really bored; I tried to think of something to do so I said “I bet none of you would be brave enough to jump out of that tree.” My cousin replied back “why don’t you do it since you’re so brave.” So I climbed up the tree and went to the nearest branch and I jumped off. When I jumped I landed on my wrist. It hurt so bad I thought I had broke it. I went to the hospital and they did some x-rays and it turned out my wrist wasn’t broken but the doctor said that it would hurt for a couple of days. I was glad my wrist wasn’t broken and I will never make that mistake again.
My dog had to go outside but I didn’t put him on a leash. So when I let him out he went after these kids across the street, so my dad went out there and was yelling at him to come home. My dog started back across the street and when he did a car came and hit him. My dad went out there and tried to pick him up but since he was in shock he bit him. We let my dog calm down and then picked him up and toke him to the nearest vet’s office. He had to stay overnight so we went home and waited for a phone call. The next day we got it and they said he would be fine. We were all so happy but he couldn’t walk so he had to stay in a playpen, he couldn’t leave it at all. Over time he was allowed to leave and is still alive to this day, he doesn’t live in a playpen anymore and the only thing that is wrong with him is he can’t jump. I learned to always put dogs on a leash.
I think that people don’t make the same mistake twice. I now know never to let my dogs out without a leash. To always help with group projects and to never jump out of a tree (which was not very smart in the first place).

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