Grades are the grades.

December 13, 2007
By Blake Simon, PLANTATION, FL

When I think of grades, I get nervous. I hate dealing with them. I periodically ask

my teachers what my grades are. At my old school, they put our grades onto edline, so

we didn’t have to go to the teachers to ask what our grade were.

If I see myself slacking in a class, I will do whatever it takes to bring that grade

up. I also believe that your grades don’t lie. Everything that is on your report card reflects

how you have progressed in school. I always try my hardest to keep my grades up. If that

means I can’t go out with my friends or watch a football game on television, I will study

or do my homework.

When I get good grades, they always remind me of how much I worked to

receive that grade. Also, I always tell myself I have to do whatever it takes to get into my

dream college, University of Florida, home of the Florida Gators. This really motivates

me to push myself even more.

Also, grades could determine if I have to take the midterm or not. This would be

fantastic for me if I could get exempted from taking most of my midterms. I will need an

A average in my classes to be exempted from taking these test. It can take a lot of

pressure off me if I can achieve this goal of mine. This is why the grades are the grades.

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