December 13, 2007
What is life without a smiling face? NOTHING! It's boring, it's blah! If only one person in the world smiled, life would be a little happier. Especially when that face is your friend. I believe that friends cause happiness in life.

Wouldn’t you get tired of the same person in your face everyday? I didn’t. My family went on a camping trip this summer and Hailey came with me. We shared a tent and mattress. But it wasn’t cool when she was rolling over me all night! We hiked up to this rope swing and she tried to push me off the deck but I pulled her along with me.  Funny isn’t it? Well guess what we also had to do the icky, gross, food covered dishes! Okay mental picture now, just think bubbles in your hair! The trip was the happiest part of my summer because I got to bring my best friend with me.

Don’t some roller coasters just scare you? Two years ago my dad got three tickets to 6 Flags and allowed me to bring a friend. I invited Jessi, not knowing she had never ridden a roller coaster in her life! Well on the ride up to Louisville Jessi and I sang to music, played tic-tac-toe, and concentration, the time passed by so fast! You really have no idea. When we got to the park, hardly anyone was there yet so-NO LINES! We picked the first ride we came to! It was called T2 (twisted sisters now.) And guess what, we ended up riding the ride 7 times! We had a blast! I was so ecstatic that I got to be with her on her first roller coaster ride!

Everyone gets sick right. Well I got sick at my friend Hailey’s house the day I was staying the night (again.) First I went to her house and we stayed up all night watching scary movies. Then the next day was perfect until about lunch time. I couldn’t move other wise I got really dizzy, and then I actually got sick. I was lying in Hailey’s bed when she came in and started dancing! It was hilarious! I forgot all about being sick for like 20 minuets but having a friend cheering me up and making me happy while I was sick was great and meant a lot to me.

What would you do if no one smiled at all? What would you do if your friends weren’t always there to make life happy? I would cry, be depressed, and not get out of freaking bed! You have to have your friends its just part of life. Friends make life happier it’s a proven fact in my life. If I want my happiness to stay I will have my friends by my side every day of my life. Hailey and I still alive after 7 days is a given but 7 days apart, I’m sure we would be dead!

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