December 13, 2007
By Alexa Rogers, Nicholasville, KY

Have you ever started a fire, but ended up getting burned in the end? I don’t mean a flaming fire. I mean a rumor-spreading, trouble-causing fire. I’m sure everyone’s been in a situation where they have to fight a fire. I believe you shouldn’t fight fire with fire.
Trying to corrupt someone else’s work is not a good idea. But when you and your cousin are trying to impress the same guy, you might forget all about your manners. We have both been camping before, but we’ve never been camping with a very good looking outdoorsy guy, who likes girls that can take care of themselves. So my cousin and I would do anything we could to ruin the other person’s opportunity with him. We were best buddies before this guy, but BAM, that weekend we were enemies. In the end however, we both got embarrassed and it ended up that he already had a girlfriend. But now it’s all good in the hood.
But that didn’t teach me. This guy, that I didn’t think knew I existed, asked me out to a school dance. So I said yes and got all prettied up and went with him. In the middle of the dance he ended up leaving me for one of my friends. I got so mad, I knew that payback was wrong, but what did I care? He stood me up. So I told my friend that he only liked her for her looks and he wasn’t good enough for her. It sounded like a good plan, I would get them to break up, then he’ll be girlfriendless. But my plan didn’t work. They did break up, but my friend was really sad. He moved away and they never spoke to each other again. We all got hurt in the end. The pain from that never really went away.
In this continued journey, I thought I learned. Apparently though, I hadn’t. One of my friend’s sister decided that she didn’t like me. She started spreading rumors about me saying that I was a tramp and a lot of other not-so-nice names. I really didn’t like this, so when I heard a rumor that I knew wasn’t true about her, I didn’t stop it. I kept it going. Occasionally I would hear something I would think was really mean, but then she spread more rumors about me and so I didn’t stop the ones about her. She called me a liar, I called her a backstabber. This continued throughout sixth grade. Then, when the teachers finally found the culprits, we couldn’t even remember how it started. And my friend, her sister, was so mad at us both; she didn’t talk to either of us for like two weeks. We were both so ashamed of ourselves.
If you ever have a fire to get rid of, make sure you don’t get another fire to do it with. I have learned to not fight the fire, but to put it out.

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