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December 12, 2007
I have never really known what a real family is, and I have never been able to understand how are real marriage functions. My parents decided to get a divorce when I was only eighteen months old, and the only assurance I have is one video, a couple of picture, and my dad’s old ring to confirm that my parents did, in fact, have a marriage at one period in time.

My entire life, up until about six weeks ago, I have lived with my mother. My mom was my hero and was always closer to her than I was any of my other friends and family. She was always there to listen to me and comfort me no matter what. She meant more to me than anything else, and I thought we shared an unbreakable bond. When I was about three years old, my mother got re-married to my step-dad. My step-dad gave the impression that he was a credible guy and that he would be a good stepparent to me and a good husband to my mother.

My mother sacrificed so much for me and if this man was going making her happy, I would fully support her and her decision. I was very excited about receiving a brother when I was four years old. It was nice having a sibling, and I almost felt like was part of a real family. I was wrong. I grew up being convinced by my step-dad to agree with all of his ideas and beliefs about life. My sep-dad caused my mother to seclude herself from her friends, her mother, and her sister.

Because of my stepfather, my mother had created rifts in her relationships with all of her family members because he did not like what they chose to do and greatly embellished about their actions. As if that wasn’t enough, my step-dad had also told me lies about my own father and how my father did not want me to be born. The idea of my father not wanting or loving me created resentment towards my father, and a hatred of visiting at his house or spending time with him.

When I was two days away from being twelve years old, my mom had another son, who turned out to become like my own son. My mother worked full-time and my step-dad rarely contributed to my baby brother’s needs when my mother was not around to see his act. I spent most of my home time with my baby brother, and I never simply treated him as my half-brother. My friends knew him well and loved to be around him.

About six weeks ago, I was completely fed up with my stepfather and his lies. I had worked out all my issues with my real father, so I decided it was best for my to live with him not. I knew how hard this was going to be, and how much I was going to miss my baby brother and being a part of his development in life. But I could just not forgive my mother for subduing to my step-dad any longer. My other brother had already developed into the spitting image of my step-dad, and our relationship would substantially suffer from this. My mother had changed from and independent, strong, intelligent woman to a co-dependant wife being subjugated by her husband.

Living with my dad is better for my life and the rest of my development, and it makes living less stressful. It is harder than anything I have ever encountered to be away from my baby brother, and being denied seeing him unless I were to come back into my step-dad’s household. There is nothing for me to do except to wait out this situation and hope that one day my relationship with my mother and brothers can be reestablished and healthy once more, and hopefully I will be able to accomplish this without having to see my step-dad.

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