December 12, 2007
By hailey brown, Nicholasville, KY

Does money equal happiness? What happens when you have everything you want and you’re still unhappy? What can you do? I believe that money can not buy happiness.

Well when I was about four years old my brother would buy me a baby doll every time I cried or I was unhappy, or hurt. Now when you’re a little kid you don’t know what’s going on. At this time I was thinking why do I get a doll every time I cry and I always thought to myself I should cry more often, but It made me happy then, but now it’s like who cares, if my brother went out and bought me a baby doll now I would probably throw it at him and say leave me alone I am not a little girl anymore but he would turn around and be like “your still my little sis”.

When I became a teenager and hit the depression stage you know when you think you know everything and you get all annoyed when people tell you you don’t. well that’s when my grandmamma would tell me life is what you make it out to be, not what you can or can’t afford. Now I always thought being a teenager meant going to the store and buying poster of movie stars and junk that just going to waste away and take up room in the bottom of your closet or under your bed. So then I realized that it is better to work for happiness, then to just have it handed to you.

When I am mad or down in the dumps my mother thinks it is going to make me happy if she takes me shopping because she knows that is my favorite thing to do, but I guess she has not paid enough attention to me if she has not realized that it cheers me up for a while then I go back to being mad up set or just down. Now if you have met my mom you know she can be mean sometimes and that is normally what upsets me but I guess something’s have to worked out by speaking and not spending money cause spending money cures me for about an hour but then it gets depressing when you bought what you want and you have no use for it later it just sets there like a broken record now if you ask me those are kinda boring well really boring.

Happiness is what you make it not what you can buy. So over the years of experience, I have noticed that the saying money equals happiness it false because know body can buy happiness. It is theoretically impossible.

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