December 12, 2007
Have you ever been so agitated by something that you begin to take it out on someone else? Or maybe you have just experienced something that really hurt you and you just can’t stop telling people about it, even though they have heard it a million times? I believe that even when you have pains, you don’t have to be one.
You’re in a head to head game. The score is 0-0 and the winner goes on to the championship. I know most of you have more than likely been in this situation. Well, of all the things to happen in this adrenaline pumping game, I get hurt in the last ten minutes. The whole game is stopped and the trainer comes to examine me. The only thing I could think about was getting up and playing again. But then came the dreadful words I wish I had never heard come out of her mouth, “I’m sorry hunny but you have sprained your ankle and you need to come out!” I reply hysterically, “I’m fine, it doesn’t hurt just let me go back in, you don’t know what you are talking about!” Even though she was right and she knew it too. I remember when she got out her kit and attempted to wrap me up but I pulled my foot away so that she couldn’t and asked one last time if I could please go back in. My coach simply replied, “No.” In that moment in time I finally accepted that I was injured and wouldn’t be able to go back in. I wasn’t meaning to come off as a jerk to her; I just wanted to play so badly. I gave my apologies to her for being so difficult and cheered my team on the best I could from the sidelines even though I didn’t like it.
But my anger with people didn’t stop projecting itself there. I am currently involved in a serious relationship that has encountered many fights. Because of this, I have just not been my normal self and haven’t really been in a good mood. For example, the other day I was just moping around at home when my mom approached me and asked me what my plans were for the day. I simply answered in a mono-tone voice, “I don’t know.” My mom was furious that I was acting this way because she said it also put her in a bad mood as well. Not only was I being a pain to her, but I have been one to my friends too. I have constantly been talking about my relationship problems in every conversation I have with them. For Example the other day my friend, Allison, was talking to me about the Hannah Montana concert and then I suddenly started talking about my boyfriend problems. I know people don’t want to keep hearing it and they have told me that- it’s just so hard.. I have been trying not to so that I can get my mind off of the situation and so that I won’t be a pain to my friends always bothering them with this information.
This brings me to my last and final instance where my “pain” almost overcame my will power not to be one. It happened after a devastating loss to one of my teams’ biggest rivals! I was absolutely devastated! After the game I was in no mood to talk to ANYONE. But with my luck, my mom comes up and starts asking me about how the game went and I completely lost it. I was extremely sarcastic and every time she asked a simple question like, “What do you think went wrong?” or “Why did your coach play you there?” I was really snappy and raised my voice to respond each time, “I don’t know mom, just leave me alone.” Although all she was trying to do was find a little bit more out about the game and comfort me about my lose, which I realized shortly after. Once I did I confront my mom and told her I was sorry for acting that way it was just that I was so mad at the time. Now every time after a game we loose she knows to keep her distance until I cool down so that I don’t take my pain out on her.
My mom, has always said, “When you’re mad, stop and count to three. Then think of what your’re saying before you say it.” Because of this great advice that I never thought that would work, I have kept my pain from hurting or bothering others.

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