Always Learning

December 12, 2007
Did you know that you never stop learning? If we stopped learning would our world be different today? The answer to both of these questions is yes, we never stop learning, and if we did our world would be completely different with far less technology. I believe that there is always something new to learn.
I’ve found out moving into a new house takes a lot of work. I never really realized how much effort and time you had to spend just to get everything ready to move. Getting just the knick knacks moved is tough work. You have to wrap everything and put them in boxes. Then you have to label all the boxes, and then transport them to your new house. Just a few days ago I experienced a great way to empty a garage and attic very quickly. We had a six-man assembly line going moving boxes to the truck. We emptied the garage in about ten minutes, without anyone having to take a step. I feel better prepared now for my first house in the future due to learning the process of this task.
You don’t just learn new things around the house; you can learn new things in sports as well. I arrived at my weekly tennis lesson when my coach said we have a lot to work on this week. After a few months of taking lessons, that day he decided to change everything about my serve. Within the first 20 minutes he had found at least ten things wrong with my serve. I have finally started to show solid improvement. But I am sure he will find something new for me to work on that I didn’t know before.
Throughout the past 18 months, I’ve learned many important things. My biggest learning experience was finding out that you can’t trust just anyone. Our family decided to build a house. We finally found someone that seemed like a nice, pleasing, honest man. He told us he was going to build us this amazing, yet affordable house. About 3-4 months into the process we received an anonymous letter showing a newspaper article where our builder had been arrested. From that point on, many suspicious things started to happen. All in all, he ended up taking off, without paying contractors and workers, as well as stealing a lot of our money. This problem has still not been resolved, and it turns out he has done it to others as well. This goes to show that not everyone is what he or she seems to be at first.
I am always going to be learning something new. Our world is huge, and everywhere you go there is something new to learn. Maybe it’s about another cultures religion, way of living, or the food they eat. I might even discover a cure for AIDS or cancer. Or I may discover a better way to pack up and move.

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