I am Home

December 17, 2007
By rachael hogan, Hartland, WI

As I think back to a few months before as I moved to a new state across the country
I remember old faces and memories that were made
It seams like an eternity ago when I hade to say goodbye
The line moves and I take my seat on 757 back to Dallas Texas

The person I think of most is a friend that is like my sister
Her smile, her face the way she makes my laugh
Even when I am having the worst day of my life
She is there to make me smile

We take off and I look out the window
Thinking of how I will have a blast with old friends
The things we will do, the people I will see
Time goes by slow as I look at the clouds out the window

We land I get excited to see her face
I walk of the plane and grab my luggage
I look and she is not there, the phone rings
She wonders where i am I rush to find her
I look threw a sea of people like the mall during the holidays
There is an opening and at the end I see a blonde looking around
She turns and sees me I grab my bags as she runs over to me
She nearly nocks me over and we both start to cry

We go to her house and go to bed
We both can’t wait for tomorrow to come
We can’t sleep we talk the whole night
Finally the alarm goes of, time for school

I walk in to my old school my heart races
I walk into the band hall were my friends are in a small group
They don’t know I am here I walk behind them and stand there
Someone notices a familiar face they shout out my name

They turn and run to hug me and then I get trampled my girls
I start to get up when I see my coach she gives me a hug
All of my friends are with me again this feels right
finally I am home

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