They Already Know

December 17, 2007
By Brianne Becker, Nashotah, WI

It’s Monday and everyone already knows
Of the drama that filled the weekend before
Walking into the room
The cold hard stares break you down inside

What was supposed to be done?
Trying to make something work
When for months it was never right
So you turn away acting as if you don’t care

Questions run through you mind
As you walk across the painted squares
What does it matter to them?
Apparently everything, they are done being your friend

Most friends are lost
Who take the other’s side
Some stay neutral
And some don’t care at all

How could everyone already know?
It only happened just last night
So you seek for those old friends
Which may have been forgotten

You tell them the story
They already know
They are sure to tell you the present will soon be past
So you wait patiently until life returns

The walls at school always talk
Know matter what side you fall
Some just shut you out
But others are always willing to accept

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