December 17, 2007
By Jonathan Kellogg, Wilmore, KY

What if everyone worked as hard as they could and were dedicated as possible in everything? Would it not make our world a better place? I feel that no matter what, it couldn’t hurt. I believe that hard work and dedication pays off.

When I was in about the fifth grade, I decided that I might try and earn a little cash for myself. Obviously, I needed to purchase a lawn mower. So as polite and responsible as any fifth grader could sound, I approached my parents and asked to borrow the two hundred dollars needed to buy it. After this, I followed my parents suggestions and hung up about one hundred signs. My imagination went wild over the next several days of how much money I was going to earn. During the time of about two weeks (which to me felt like 2 months) I had to keep on telling myself to be patient and keep on praying that God would send me a customer. At about the end of two weeks I finally was able to get a customer. Finally my hard work at putting up signs and being patient had paid off.

However this was not the only time that hard work and dedication would come out big. In my church we have a program on Wednesday nights for children from the first through fifth grades. We would play games, hear stories, talk, and memorize bible verses. I wanted to memorize the bible verses. Mainly because after five years if I had memorized and recited every bible verse that we had learned then I could receive the big prize entitled, “ The John Wesley Award.” I wanted to win that amazing gold medal so bad. So each and every Wednesday I came to Church prepared to recite my verses. And at the end of each year I would receive a smaller award for having recited that years verses. Until finally, at the end of five long years, I recited the last one. So that next Sunday they called me to the front of the Church to receive my medal in front of the entire congregation. My dedication to studying them every night had finally paid off.

But that’s not the only time that my belief has come through. Once when I was about ten years old I heard of a tryout for Storm SC, a local select team, I immediately pounced on the opportunity. After hearing me beg and plead for about a week, my parents finally gave in to allow me to tryout. One part of the tryout was to run two miles in thirteen minutes. Which was no small task for a ten year old. I trained everyday of every week for about a month before the tryout. So when the day finally came I was ready. I ran my two miles and was the first to finish. A few days afterwards I received a phone call that I had made it. My hard work and dedication had finally paid off.

I am so glad that in all of these life experiences that I chose to try as hard as I did because of what comes afterwards. Trust me, there is no greater feeling than finding out you made the team after working as hard as you could. To me, hard work and dedication always pays off.

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