Life isn't fair, get used to it

December 17, 2007
“Life isn’t fair, get used to it”, this is a quote from a very successfully man named Bill Gates. This quote applies to everybody. Life isn’t fair and it won’t ever be fair. That is something I believe 100%. I believe that not everything that happens in life is fair.
When I was in eighth grade I broke my arm playing football. I broke it on the first play of the game. The next two weeks and the game next week were kind of painful. It was two weeks after the game when I learned I had a broken arm. I was furious when I learned I had to sit out the last two games of my last middle school season, but I was enraged when I learned I wouldn’t get my cast off until after basketball tryouts and if I made it I would have to sit out 5 games of my eighth grade basketball season. It was not fair that I had to miss part of two sports season. I just couldn’t figure out why I had to be the one to break their arm. I was nice to my teammates. I never caused any problems. If there were eleven guys who deserved to be out on the field playing I was one of them, but that is just part of life.

One thing I learned early about high school football is that you have to be at every practice if you want to be successful. During the summer my family decided to go on vacation and it happened to be during our first week of practice. I was not happy. The last thing I wanted was to be behind everybody else at football. I tried everything I could to persuade my parents to move our trip a week earlier. They simply said “No”. When I got back from vacation the coach told me I had to do 5 days of conditioning and then 5 days with shoulder pads only. It would set me back 2 weeks behind everybody else. I was really upset after that, because I knew the coach would be playing a lot of people the first couple of scrimmages. That meant if I was behind I may not get as much playing time the rest of the year because the first few weeks I was behind and the coaches didn’t see what I could do.
When I was in second grade I found out I would be moving. I thought there was no way that would happen. I had lived there for all my life. I had so many friends where I lived. My friends and I were mad. We were young and we thought we could do anything. We tried to tell my parents that we shouldn’t move. We threatened to stay or run off. Yet we still moved. I was even madder when I found out there were no kids my age where we had moved to. I couldn’t believe my parents didn’t even care whether or not I wanted to move. It was another thing I had no control over and thought it was not fair.
I believe that not everything turns out the way you want. I learned that especially when I moved. I had to get over it and make the best out of it. Like the saying goes “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

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