Friends Matter

December 17, 2007
Don’t you hate that “all alone” feeling? I do, and I always have. Friends are people you keep close to you, and not have that alone feeling. Friends are a big part of my life, an everyday thing. That’s why I believe that friendship is the key to living life.
If I didn’t have friends at school, I don’t know what I’d do. I most likely wouldn’t even go to school. The first day of high school, I had no friends in my first block class. Courtney, a friend from elementary school, came and sat down beside me and we talked. Now, were both good friends and our friendship keeps getting stronger, and it’s still growing. If I didn’t have Courtney, I don’t know what I’d do. If you have friends, you will always have someone to be there for you.

When your sick, and you miss school. Don’t you hate it when you have to go get everything you missed? Well, when I got sick back in the seventh grade and missed school, I had someone to count on. Emilie my best friend brought me my work, when I was home in bed. She took notes in the classes we had together and she even asked the teachers I had and she didn’t if there was anything I missed that I had to have. She came to my house and she even explained the work to me the best she could. She saved my life and my grade. She didn’t have to but she did because she was being a good friend. Friends are always there through good times and bad.

You know those times when you feel like the world is going to come to an end? That’s how I felt when my latest boyfriend dumped me. We had just broken up that night over the phone, I was crying. When my two best friends Alicia and Emilie called me, they could here it in my voice that I was upset. So I told them the whole story on what happened with all the details. They both listened to what I had to say, and told me how they felt on the situation. The best part of that whole night was that they both helped me cope with the pain of what had happed. You should always remember those friends who give you a shoulder to cry on.

“If you ain’t got friends, you ain’t got nothin.” That’s the motto I go by, and it’s so true. Having friends means your always gonna have that one person or many people close to you, that will always have your back for anything. Friends that are good friends aren’t always that easy to come by. So I only have one question, when you read or heard this paper, did you have a specific person in mind? If so, then you know that friends are important to living life to its best.

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