Late Paper

October 22, 2007
By Camille Evans, Park City, UT

4am and I’m still up. I held it off and now it’s the night after it’s due.

With any luck I’ll get a 1%. “Any child in their right mind will start it the

day after the project is given” a pleasant quote from my teacher. I must not

be in my right mind. Here I am slaving away at the computer nothing to

write but such a boring essay that even the sand man him self would fall

asleep. Great my dad turned on the heater. Now not only am I half asleep but

I’m also comfy now to. Any minute I could drift to sleep. Anyway, if there’s

one lesson I learned it’s how to turn stuff in on time.

6am time for school but I’ve still got to type!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7am I’m late for school. I dash to my backpack and stuff every thing

in. When I finally get to school I ruffle through my things just to find that I

left my paper at home. The teacher calls me to her desk. “Quarters up missy,

where’s that paper?” Everyone watches me intently; their doughnut party

depends on me. With a sickening feeling I reply with that groggy and

cracking voice “I don’t have it.” The kids around me that heard my inaudible

voice turn to each other and gossip. If there’s one thing I learned it’s do it

and don’t ever, ever forget it.

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