Materializing Success

April 9, 2008
When can we actually say that we by now obtain our success in life? Can we really determine it by means of material things that we obtain? By popularity? By being happy and contented?
Every individual wants to get hold of success in any kind of form as long as they can stand with it. Occasionally, there are just people who really strive hard even though it is very impossible for them to attain the thing that they want in their life. Plainly speaking, the word �success� may be a simple word to spell or to say but when it comes to reaching for it, we will find it hard to achieve it especially when no one aids us. Why is this so hard to do? Well for me, based from all of my experiences, its really completely unnatural and irrational in the sense that we must use our �will power� to overcome the fears that is covering within us.
Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of my life, yet so many people struggle to find it. Sadly, people who lack self-confidence can find it difficult to become successful. For me, I believed in the sense that self-confident people inspire confidence in others: audience, peers, and friends. Gaining the confidence of others is one of the key ways in which I also find my success as an individual. The good news is that self-confidence really can be learned and built-on. All other things being equal, self-confidence is often the single ingredient that I consider in distinguishing a successful person from someone less successful.
Commitment for me is the most important single factor in any success that I want to have. Commitment ignites action in the sense that to commit is to pledge ourselves to a certain purpose or line of conduct. It also means practicing our beliefs consistently. Possibly, I think the best description of commitment is �persistence with a purpose�. As long as I am been challenged by my environment the more I am strong enough to face or to confront all these things. The fulfillment of my dreams is the completion of any sufferings that I am confronting with.
Literally speaking, as I�ve come to reach my goals to gain the success that I want, there is just one thing that is always present in my life � my inspiration. Aside from my family, there is just one certain person that came to be as one of my mentors in life. That person made me realized how complicated our life here on earth, what are other things aside from success that a man will be satisfied, and most specifically what we came that lies ahead. He is just a simple person but honestly he knew a lot of things compared to me. This is the main reason why some of his advises are being kept to myself. At this moment I can say that I already gained some of my success that I want to achieve in my life especially in dealing with the things that all at once I am gaining right now.
One more thing that I can also say that I succeeded in my life is when I find out that I been able to change a certain person�s perception in his life as an individual. Having influenced someone is already considered to be a great thing in my life. We all know that it is not easy to influence others but we must also bear in our minds that it always depends on the person that we want to influence with.
Right now, here is one thing that I�ve realized to myself � success can have many forms depending on the personality of a particular person. It can be neither simple nor complex depending on how we vision it to ourselves. But here is one thing that I also want to share with you: good people are good because they�ve come to wisdom through failure whereas we get very little wisdom from success that we came to have in the end.

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