As the days go by

October 24, 2007
By Cassandra Stewart, Alta, IA

As the days go by with out you so does my life. What I saw before, now I don’t see it at all. The pain is still there, and I don’t see the end of this tragedy. The madness you left me with, alone, cold, naked, empty in side. No one to hold, to be comforted by. I only have a little light I can see, a little hope, faith. I have it in him that he can rebuild what you have destroyed. He has comfort, love, care; he surrounds me with all these things you did not.

I have but one wish for you. To think about what you do, and the trail you leave in each person. It is either good or bad, but what you left in me was bad, a mistake, but I learned from the mistakes you left behind in me. All the pain you left, I learned to love someone more, to care for people, and most of all, to see myself, to believe in myself.

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