Spice It Up

October 21, 2007
why am I so different? What does the world have agianst me? I just want to be normal, why cant they see? There is art in me, I just try to let it show. So why is that a crime? Does anyone know? Why do people judge before they truly see. So I wear dark clothes, that means nothing. Some call me emo just becuase my bangs are in my eyes. Some call be depressed for expressing the pain in my life. Ive been called a geek becuase I love to read. Ive been called a freak for not being brainwashed by materialistic things. Whats the point in stereotypes when everyone is different? Whats the point in wanting to be the same? I do not understand this world we live in, everything is so plain. It just takes one person to knock it out of balance, and Im going to try. I want to spice this world up a little, show everyone theres no need to hide.

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