October 21, 2007
By TJ DeVane, Springfield, MA

I feel the breeze running across my face, motivating myself to finish the marathon race. My heart pounding fast for the length I have ran, pacing my legs as smart as I can. Giving myself the confidence to win, leading the pack of my competition. Thinking of the prize that I am going to receive; running for a thousand dollars I couldn’t believe. The runners behind me gaining more speed; A runner coming up on my left, another on my right, seeing that they‘re not giving up without a fight. We turn a corner, and see the finish line ahead. We chop our legs faster until they go dead. The two of them still running frantically at my side. Knowing this is a race of personal pride. Deep down in my heart I give it all that I got, to cross the finish line with the money on the spot. I took a big leap over the line, beating the two that were on my behind. I knew that my task has finally been aced. Finishing first in the marathon race.

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