Rhode Island

October 15, 2007
By Tomi Soyege, Chicago, IL

I remember this t time when I fell off some bike pegs and scraped my arm. It was the summer when I was about 10 and in Rhode island for a visit. I didn’t know anybody but my cousin who I was visiting. One morning I was bored watching TV and decided to go outside. I saw some kids riding bikes and noticed they all knew each other. One of them was taking a break and resting so I decided to make friends. I walked over to him and said, hi he said hi back. He seemed to be nice so I continued to talk to him. I asked him does he like riding bikes he said “yeah I love riding bikes.” I looked at his bike and noticed to funny looking pipes on both sides on the back of his bike. I asked him what they were and he said pegs witch helped people, ride others while they stood on top of the pegs. That’s where I first learned what pegs were, then he asked me do I want to get on and he said yeah. When I got on the bike was higher then I thought. When we started riding all the bikes got close together, we went over a hole witch we couldn’t turn from because of how close all the bikes were, that’s how I fell off and scraped my arm and hasn’t been on pegs for a few years.

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