My Greatest Fear

June 17, 2010
By Michaelaa SILVER, Granada Hills, California
Michaelaa SILVER, Granada Hills, California
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Maybe someday I'll learn to trust myself.

I’m afraid that one day I’ll grow tired of running around. I’ll decide to play fair and in the system, just like my past has always wanted. It’s not that I’m trying to hate on people who follow those guidelines, I just strongly disbelieve in them. They really do control your life on this promise land. When you walk amongst a mountain ledge and look out at the lights of the cities below, your not really looking at much. Mormons, Jesus believers, looked upon here and shed tears, for this was the holy land they had been searching for. Did it look different before? I’d sure hope so, because all that’s promised now, is death. It happens to everyone, and so many people so choose not to accept that. What. Do they think that they’ll live forever if they don’t believe in it. Like if you believe in god you’ll go to heaven? What is this anyways-A full society church, trying to influence you to be on there “side”. It’s like in a pep-rally, everyone’s trying to get you pumped up for there team. But if one person so chooses not to participate, and instead sit alone under a tree, they become frowned upon in society. Why? Because they take advantage of the fact that they can become independent, and different, than everyone else in this world. No one wants to talk to that person, so they sit alone everyday. Depression causes them to fall behind. Suicide allows them to be set free-The only real future for freedom.

The author's comments:
I wanted to write a book, but ran out of things to say. This is part of it.

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