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June 17, 2010
By Michaelaa SILVER, Granada Hills, California
Michaelaa SILVER, Granada Hills, California
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Maybe someday I'll learn to trust myself.

The end really is the beginning.
I believe that we are all children of the earth, not of god, there is really no god.. But when were ‘dead’ we become dust and nothing, everything becomes dust. Things always seem to end the way that we began. We started as dust? Others die as dust, we are others but reformed. The earth has no way to clean itself; ‘god’ doesn’t get rid of the old dust it’s still out there somewhere. And it always will be. We will always be created from dust, living the same thing over and over again. It’s just another one of those “Cycles of Life” that don’t make sense to anybody. And we just have to live it, act like there’s a reason to. There really isn’t though. Suicide isn’t the real way to freedom, though that’s what many seem to think. It’s just an escape for a little while; running away just to fall back to where you started. Dust will form, as it always has, and it’s not going to stop suddenly. Everything takes time. And it really doesn’t matter if you screw up in this ‘life’ because you’ll have another chance as everyone always has. And there is no way that you can become another creature. Dust cannot change itself, shape shift, into some other type of dust. But we can all pretend. That’s the glory of imagination.

The author's comments:
I wanted to write a book, but ran out of things to say. This is part of it.

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