What is Life?

June 17, 2010
By Michaelaa SILVER, Granada Hills, California
Michaelaa SILVER, Granada Hills, California
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Maybe someday I'll learn to trust myself.

Things in life don’t happen for a reason. We dream for pure entertainment, we wake up for nothing. Life has no meaning, and when you think you found a reason to live it’s not really a reason at all, because were not even living, this is not living. No one is living. We made up this world to explain the questions. Answers are lies, there only there to make people feel secure and knowledgeable: 4X4 is not 8. We just made that up to explain things. Adding subtracting multiplication division, it was all made for the same reason. To explain life. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we believe in it…so why are we forced to go to school? Learning this math should be in church. Religious people are the ones that created it. You know why?.. to explain life. Another thing that the government can put taxes on. Do people really not notice this? Well, what if you don’t believe “math” can solve every problem in life? What then. What then, if you don’t believe.
You fail, drop out of school. And people say you don’t want to “make it” in life? No, that’s not it at all. You simply just don’t believe. And you cannot force people to have certain beliefs. Beliefs were made to be a privilege, that’s why there’s so many different kinds. But they all came from the same question..What is life?

The author's comments:
I wanted to write a book, but I ran out of things to say. This is part of it.

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