A Life Changing Experiance

June 16, 2010
By jared7893 SILVER, La Mesa, California
jared7893 SILVER, La Mesa, California
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Innocent young men sign up for an experience that they will never forget. Life is so easy at home in the safety of their homes, but the battlefront is a different place entirely. The trenches of the front line littered with human waste and dead bodies of the people that couldn’t survive. People that have been fighting for so long that they can’t remember the sound of silence or the feel of a women’s touch. Bomb shells that go off every ten minutes make for sleepless conditions. The idea of a good meal comes to the soldiers only in their dreams. Every time a bomb goes off everyone takes cover and hopes for it all to be over. Mud and blood flow through the trenches like rivers that flow through the rainforest. The soldiers that fight day an night don’t think of anything but survival and only how to save themselves in case of an emergency. Young boys quickly turn into fierce fighting men with no recognition of the finer things in life.

If the day wasn’t bad enough, night makes everything worse. Men fight from sun up to sun down and beyond. The soldiers begin to lose faith in the war when no sign of the end is near. Shooting into the darkness of the enemy battlefront at night was futile because of the fact that the soldiers couldn’t see their targets. Most of the soldiers didn’t even know why they were fighting or if what they did mattered and that led to depression.

The heavy fire of machine guns rained down of the helpless soldiers. The soldiers were just replaced and were treated like indispensable objects. Heavily armored tanks ruled the battlefront and took out dozens of men at a time. Both sides fought to the best of their abilities and yet it was a stalemate for the entire time. The middle of the two lines was a place of complete despair and death.

The odor of the trenches was something indescribable. The stench of rotting corpses and human waste was something to get used to because it wasn’t going away any time soon. The food was the bare minimum. Soldiers would survive for days on nothing but leftovers and rations. Nothing was ever warm and the taste was something else entirely. Soldiers slept in beds of mud, dirt and anything else that happened to be on the floor of the trench. None of the men were in perfect health. Food deprivation and thirst wore at all the soldiers. Disease spread through the soldiers like wildfire in a dry forest area. People would get limbs blown off and be back out there fighting within a couple weeks. Days began to seem longer and longer and a loss of faith in the reasons behind the war began to arise. Death occurred all around people and your only friend was a loads gun a well thrown hand grenade. Most were never the same after coming home from the front and would be treated as if they were rejects at home by the people around them.

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