What is the purpose of life? (Free Write)

June 16, 2010
By HollisterrChicaa BRONZE, West Newfield, Maine
HollisterrChicaa BRONZE, West Newfield, Maine
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what is the purpose of life?

May it be; a) To Die b) To Make Something Of Yourself c) To Smoke Your Brains
Out, or d) To Kill Everyone You Know, it's your choice. However; In my opinion, if you chose C or D
I suggest getting in touch with Spring Harbor or perhaps a drug abuse counselor, no offense. So,
you might be wondering why I'm writing about the purpose of life by now and If I were able to
answer that question for you I would. Yeah, you guessed it, I am in fact sitting here at my computer
desk writing about god knows what, but what I am going to do is make the best of it. As I listed at
the beginning, your life purpose could very well be a,b,c or d, or even all of the above. Which, Ermm, forgot to list, but you get the idea. Now, I will admit, many people do live life to be sucessful. That
may of happend because of your nerdy rememberence of high school, using that wicked cool
website that did your homework for you, or the really big words that you used but could never
explain. Whatever your highschool life story was, you got where you are now didn't you?
Whether that is a good or bad thing is up to you to decide. Don't get me wrong, their are some people
who actually deserve to be sitting in the office of their 1.5 million dollar mansion, wearing an
imperial tuxedo set that gets dry cleaned twice a day. Yet, the world will never know if they
actually deserve it, or if they were just born into a rich family taking pride for what their ancestors
did. After high school, your life might continue onto college. If you have no idea what your
doing after high school and if someone does offer you a job, say yes. God forbid you have to do
something for once in your life. I mean c'mon people this is society, you can always quit later.
Then at least you'll be one of the unemployed as opposed to one of the never-employed,
nothing looks worse on a resume than nothing. Now back to what i was saying, the purpose
of life..hmm..ehhh..the purpose of..WAIT I GOT IT! In example "a) To Die". This refers to all
of the suicidal teens and adults who could honestly care less about their life. The ones that
think life is just SOOOO terrible that they drive themselves into a giant tree, or shred up their
wrists so that in about 3 years they'll look like a living corpse. Clearly, your life is the worst
because your in 8th grade and mommy won't let you get a tongue ring or a cell phone. Or might it
be that Daddy won't buy you those amazing knee high converse boots that go with the black
skinny jeans with the 8 million zippers that Avril Lavigne has. Whatever your issue is as to why
you want to die, just drop it. Your obviously looking for attention, and you know it. If you want to
die that bad, you wouldn't be like that. You would of already got it over with and killed yourself by
now, so just stop. This applies to mostly teens rather than adults because adults obviously have
enough knowledge to know that killing yourself is probably the most idiotic thing you could ever
do. That is unless of course your Lindsey Lohan, but that's a different story which I'd rather not
get into. Alright Alright...here we go..Lindsey Lohan started off as a cute friendly little girl on movies
like the Parent Trap. Working her way up the naughty scale, which even the movies she was in
influenced her real life. From Mean Girls,To Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen, To Labor
Pains To Ermm..The Cover Of Newspapers about her drug problem and nude pictures, yeah those
are her latest published accomplishments. Anyways, you get the point, don't end up like Lindsey
Lohan. Anyways, back to what I was saying, "b) To Make Something Of Yourself". This refers to all those people
who actually care about what other people look back at them on, and set good examples for the
people who see them as role models. Maybe the people who are stuck up and yell at you like your
Grand Papi always used to, when you used God's name in vain and made you write millions of
sentences on how sorry you are until you have writers bump,or maybe those crazy old ladies that
ask you how you are and you have to repeat yourself about 20 times after hearing them say "What
was that dear?". About an hour later she finally realizes she forgot to put her hearing aids in, and
left them in her back pocket of the sweater that your dog has already turned into his own personal
chew toy, and by this point you remember to turn down the headphones that you have turned up all
the way, so that you don't end up that way when you get older so that you can "Make Something
Of Yourself" when you grow up. Although, grandma never did care if you had music turned up really
loud, she can't even hear you if you were screaming about an inch away into her ear so who is she

In example "c) To Smoke Your Brains Out". Oh good heavens; if you live your life to "smoke
your brains out" you might as well be Bob Marley standing at the top of The White House with about
2,000 Cops after you, about to commit suicide. That's most likely what you'll end up doing. If not,
you'll end up in the Dugouts of Massabesic High School smoking a joint with all your buddies with
the Elk on his way to bust you because he can small the smoke from his office because the walls
are so thin. Now, If you do ever end up in this situation your brain capacity probably isn't the best
and your eyes are probably more blood shot than Adolf Hitlers when the war broke out in August of
1914. Mr.Elkington is probably wondering what in the world you were thinking, and trying to think of
a good way to punish you without hitting you. If you do actually end up making your life only being
"To Smoke Your Brains Out", good luck to you because my best guess is that you aren't going to
make it very far in life, just saying.
In example "d) To Kill Everyone You Know". Well..all I can say
is, If you only want to live life "To Kill Everyone You Know", you are most likely a Serial Killer, and
I'm guessing that you probably aren't going to get too far with that, considering the laws these days.
For example, if you intentionally kill someone it is considered First Degree Murder or Voluntary
Manslaughter. This could lead to 10-20 years in prison, and depending on the situation could result
in other consequences as well. First of all, anyone in their right mind would not kill someone for
no reason at all on purpose. So, if you live your life to kill everyone you know would be just stupid.
Especially to those who you care about, and vise versa. If you are one of those crazy super ninja
killers that nobody catches, and hide all the bodies in your closet then, well, good job putting more
years onto your jail sequence when you eventually do get caught. If you don't get caught at all then
your kind of a creaper and I sure hope I don't ever know you, that's for sure. But anyways, whatever
option you pick, good luck to you. Hopefully you don't end up on the sidewalk holding a sign that says
"Ned Monee 4 Beer N' Strippers", dressed in nothing but some ripped underwear and an old Mickey
Mouse shirt. If I do end up seeing you sometime like that, I'm guessing you picked option a,c or d.
Oh, and just for the record, I most likely will not help you so don't even bother.

In all seriousness, the purpose of life is to live the way you want to live, enjoy the years that
pass you and make something of yourself. Have fun with friends and family, get a good job, have kids,
buy a house, get a promotion, go to a concert, take showers, eat good food and work out. Keep your
body healthy and don't make a waste of your life. Your parents gave it to you for a reason, and that's
not to regret every single thing you do. I'm not saying you have to be perfect. In fact, I challenge you
to make mistakes; but that is only for one reason, which is to learn from them. Not everyone is perfect,
and nobody should strive to be. The key to life is to do it your way, look above and beyond everyone
else and look at with your own point of view. Use your imagination and let your dreams run wild, besides
you ARE a mustang aren't you? (;

The author's comments:
I wrote this for an assignment, it's just supposed to be funny, sort of a free write.

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Bethny said...
on Sep. 26 2010 at 11:22 am
This is wondefrul. Very wise for your years. Keep writing. So proud.

Deedee said...
on Jun. 20 2010 at 4:48 pm
This is great!...luv ya

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