True Love

June 15, 2010
Everyone wants to find true love. Even those who have given up want to find it. They want to find it one day. They want to find their Romeo or Juliet. They want to find their soul mate.

If you ever come across anyone that has given up on finding love, they just need hope. Anyone could be their love. If they give up hope, if they stop searching, they'll never find it.

So many people have fallen in love then lost contact with the person. But, if the person is really the one, they found them (or will find them) again.

True love doesn't have an expiration date. It maybe 50 years before they find that one person again, but if their love was true, they are still fallen for the person.

So never give up hope of finding love. Even if you are the only girl or guy out of your class that hasn't had a date yet. Even if you have had your heart broken. Don't ever give up.

Your true love is out their somewhere. Perhaps they are waiting to find you right now. All you can do is keep searching and pray for them. You can't give up on them or yourself.

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Christistheanswer said...
Jun. 21, 2010 at 2:05 pm
Great job for your first article here on teenink. Keep on learning. :-)
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