"Gangs in our Community"

June 14, 2010
By Anonymous

In many different places in the world there have been issues regarding gangs. Each gang feels that they have a territory to protect or rights to preserve. No one really knows why the gang members feel this way, but they do. Gangs are not an issue here. There have never been any cases where a gang has hurt somebody, but there are some “good” gangs that try and help the environment. The closest encounter we have ever had with gangs is kids doing drugs, kids beating each other up, and the gangs that try and help the environment. Even though the kids beating each other up and doing drugs is bad, it’s no where near a real gang.
Holmdel is a medium sized, suburban town. Everyone here gets along pretty well, and most people respect each other. It is not a spoken out or violent town. This town is so well mannered and friendly that there is an unlikely hood of any gang to sprout. I’m not saying that there is no possibility, but there is not a very high one. The fact that our town is worry free from gangs is great, and we hope that this is the way it will always be. Who knows what will happen in years to come, but for now our town is safe.

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