Number Eight MAG

By Susan D., Duxbury, MA

   Don't worry!

That's all they can say

Do they really know

What happened today?

I got pulled over

by an extra-mean cop

His lights were barely blinking

Did he want me to stop?

We left the dance early

To HoJo's for 'cream

When I saw him behind me,

I wanted to scream.

What had I done?

Had I broken the law?

I looked out behind me

and guess what I saw?

A carload of friends

just passing by

A carload of friends

I wanted to cry.

Their jaws dropped open

as they saw the cop and me

They all strained their necks

just so they could see.

My first offense

yet he gave me a fine

The ticket so strange,

because I knew it was mine.

You tell me "Don't worry"

Do you know what you say?

I was pulled over and fined

by Number Eight just today.

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i love this !


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