My Goals

June 10, 2010
It is extremely important to set goals for yourself and there are numerous reasons for doing so. Achieving your goal is often fun. They are also something you can be proud of once you achieve. Everyone should have a goal because if you don’t you are not working towards anything. This year I plan to achieve two goals.

One of my goals is an academic goal. This goal is to not forget my homework as often. My plan to achieve it has two parts, one is two write down my homework in my agenda. The other part is to do my homework right when I get home so I don’t forget to do it.

My other goal is a non-academic goal. I want to shorten the time I run my mile by a significant amount. To achieve this I will run every day. I will also try to make healthier food choices. By making healthy food choices I will be in better shape to run.

Achieving goals gives self-confidence and is a source of pride. By achieving goal one my grades should go up a few points. Usually one of the main reasons I lose points on my report card is due to missing homework. When I achieve goal two I will be in better shape. I will be able to do more active activities and feel good about myself. These are the goals I want to accomplish in 8th grade. It was once said, “Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.” -Fitzhugh Dodson.

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