Dragon Tales vs. Sesame Street

June 10, 2010
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As many people know, little kids love to wake up and watch T.V. for thirty minutes to an hour every morning. It’s relaxing, it gives them something to do and depending on which show they watch, it can benefit them. A show that does benefit little kids is Dragon Tales. Compared to some of the other shows, (for example, Sesame Street) Dragon Tales is not a complete waste of time. For all the little one’s who think that Sesame street is better than Dragon Tales, should know that Dragon tales is far better because of its imagination, variety in each show, the music is much more interesting and it teaches many useful life lessons.

To begin, Sesame Street fans should change their point of view on Dragon Tales because of the wild imaginations the characters have. Every day, Max, Emmy, Cassie, Ord, Zack and Wheezy have a new adventure together all based on their imaginations. From the episode “Remember the Pillow Fort” Max and Ord are playing “King” where they both imagine that they’re kings and they build pillow forts instead of needing to play in a real castle. This shows that they use their imaginations for when they play games. On the other hand, in Sesame Street the characters wanted to be knights in shining armor so one of them said “we need to read this book on how to be knights in shining armor.” Instead of them just playing make believe, they had to read a book on how to act. Obviously, Dragon Tales has much more imagination in each show compared to Sesame Street.

Secondly, Dragon Tales is much more interesting than Sesame Street because of the variety in each show. Sesame Street has the same story line every single show! The only difference is what letter/number of the day they decide to use. Dragon Tales has a completely new story line in every episode. For example, on September 7, 1999, “To Kingdom Come” aired. “To Kingdom Come” is about when Ord goes to a castle with his friends and an evil crocodile keeps them locked up there until they find a way to escape. The next day on September 8th, “Ord’s Unhappy Birthday” aired which was about Ord thinking that all of his friends were too busy to hang out with him on his birthday, when really they were all planning him a surprise party. This shows that the two episodes of Dragon Tales obviously had a completely different story line and moral, but Sesame Street never even really has a story line besides the change in what letter and number they want to teach their viewers. The variety in each show is another aspect of Dragon Tales that makes it so much more intriguing than Sesame Street.

Next, the music in Dragon Tales is ten times more enjoyable than the music in Sesame Street. The Dragon Tales music is catchy and upbeat while the music from Sesame Street is boring and repetitive. One of the many songs from Dragon Tales is called “Betcha Can” and some of the lyrics are “I betcha can tickle your noise without making yourself sneeze. Betcha can! Betcha can! Betcha can reach up and touch the sky! Betcha can do anything you try.” Now here are some lyrics from the Cookie Monster in Sesame Street, “What starts with the letter C? Cookie starts with C. C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me. C is for cookie that’s good enough for me. C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me!” Not only are the Dragon Tales lyrics much more thoughtful, but you should hear the difference in the voices that sing the two songs. Without a doubt, Sesame Street has a long way to go before their songs will even come close to Dragon Tales songs.

Finally, Dragon Tales teaches many useful life lessons that not only little kids should pay attention to, but also teenagers and even adults sometimes should be reminded of. Although many would say that Sesame Street is much more educational than Dragon Tales because it teaches what sound each letter of the alphabet makes, that argument is completely untrue because of this reason. Dragon Tales might not teach it’s viewers how to count to ten, but it teaches certain things that are just as important. For example, in episode 10 of Dragon Tales, “A Liking to Biking” an important life lesson is taught in that if you just keep practicing, eventually you’ll perfect whatever you’re working on.In "A Liking to Biking," Ord finds riding a bike for the first time is too hard and gives up. His friends lend a helping hand and Ord tries over and over until he gets it right.These little life lessons are taught in every single episode of Dragon Tales. Therefore, Dragon Tales is definitely better than Sesame Street because of the morals that come with each episode.

To conclude, For anyone who thought that Sesame street was better than Dragon Tales, I hope that you now realize that Dragon tales is far better because of its imagination, variety in each show, upbeat music, and its many life lessons. The imagination in Dragon Tales is what keeps most of the little kids interested. The variety in each show is why Dragon Tales is still on T.V. after eleven years. The many songs that were produced for the Dragon Tales episodes, are enjoyable to listen to. Last but not least, the many life lessons that are taught in each episode are very helpful in the live’s of everyone in this day and age. Dragon Tales is so much more worth while than Sesame Street, so from now on when you turn on your T.V., you shouldn’t even bother watching the little muppets with annoying voices but instead, you should watch the magical world of Dragon Tales.

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