June 10, 2010
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From time to time, most of us have a great friend who we believe we can’t live without. This friend is usually the one who treats you better than anyone else. They’re the ones who would do anything for you. In the story, there’s a character like this named Timber. With the help of Dr. Ganderbai, Timber saves his friend Harry when he sees that a deadly snake is lying on top of his stomach. Timber, from the story “Poison”, by Roald Dahl is obviously a very caring person because of his actions, speech and thoughts.
The first way that you can see that Timber is a caring man is through his actions. In the story, Timber is always looking out for his friend Harry and the kind doctor who helps him. For example, on page 89 it says, “Timber followed Dr. Ganderbai and put his arm around him”. This shows that after Harry was rude to Dr. Ganderbai, Timber stood up for him and tried to be comforting. Another example is on page 84 when it says, “Timber tip toed out to the hall, looked up Dr. Ganderbai’s phone number, lifted the phone and told the operator to please hurry up”. This quote shows that by tip toeing out to the hall, he’s trying to be quiet because Harry said that if he’s too loud, the snake might bite him. Timber also kindly asked the operator to hurry up instead of screaming at her when he needed Dr. Ganderbai’s number. From Timber’s actions, you can see that he is caring.

Another way that you can see that Timber is a thoughtful man is through his speech. During “Poison”, Timber is very calm and collected and it shows through his words. For example, on page 82 he says “Don’t worry Harry! We will fix this in no time”. This is showing that he’s trying to help Harry and in a quick manner. Also, Timber says, “You did a wonderful job Dr. Ganderbai. Thanks so much”(89). Obviously, Timber is thanking the doctor and giving him a compliment on how well of a job he did. It’s pretty apparent that Timber is a thoughtful man through what he says.

Finally, you can see that Timber is a compassionate man through his thoughts. Throughout the story, Timber was not only saying nice things, but he was also thinking them. An example of this is on page 89 when Timber thinks, “It was a splendid idea!” This shows that he’s sincere about what he says to Harry and Dr. Ganderbai because in the story it shows that his thoughts are positive as well. From seeing Timber’s thoughts, you can tell that he is a loving man.

To conclude, Timber would obviously be a great friend to have. This can be easily seen in his helpful actions. Along with that, comes his loving dialogue which shows how much he cares for his friend Harry. Finally his thoughts express his compassion for others without even having to be put into words. So the next time you meet a friend like Timber, be sure to not let them go because you never know when they could save your life.

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