Two worlds

June 9, 2010
By , washougal, WA
“Two worlds collide, chaos reigns, the world is crashing.”
This reminds me of Christmas dinner or any other family get together when all of my grandma’s relatives are there. Every year my family has this tradition that we go up to my grandparent’s house for Christmas dinner with all of my five great aunts, and one great-uncle with all their children and spouses. I have a big family with very unique personalities. When everyone is together they are very cliquey. Its like my grandma’s sisters have something to prove to one another. I stay close to my mom, dad, brother, my aunt’s children, or grandparents. It’s easier for me personally to talk to them because I am around them a lot more. I go shopping with my grandma a lot or my parents and I we will go up to their house for dinner once a week. I can I guess you can say relate to them more. Like my grandma and I have similar clothing style. When she goes through her clothes to give away I get to look and see if I want any. It’s like my grandma’s sisters and her brother are in a different world and then when it comes time for Christmas dinner or a family reunion even though they live in the same state and area it’s like two different worlds collide.
I have this shy and quiet personality. It’s hard for me at times to know what to talk about with certain people because I don’t know them very well and that seems weird because the rest of them are still my family, so I should be able to be myself around them right? Well I guess not. But with the cliquey high school-like competition and my aunt and her boyfriend being there it’s quite tense. Ever since my aunt started seeing her boyfriend of about three years she has changed a lot. Her boyfriend is a HUGE jerk. I don’t like him or feel comfortable around him and I don’t know why. So it’s like being in an everyday normal world and an uncomfortable, tense, and petty world. And being in that world sucks. I turn into this stressed out mess of a girl. It was so funny on the way home this past Christmas dinner. I went on about how they are all clique like. My mom kept going on about how one of my cousins her (grandma or mom) bought her these twenty-five dollar underwear that were squinted and you couldn’t really wear them. She kept saying why would you need a pair of $25 squinted underwear? A lot of them have like designer clothes that are so expensive. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t dislike my family. I’m just not as close to my extended family as I am to the ones I see all the time. I feel like I am constantly in high school all the time because all the family gatherings seem to be a little bit of drama. Even when it’s just my aunt’s family and my uncle’s family it seems to be like I am in that world. Like I said, since my aunt has had her boyfriend she isn’t close like she used to be with my grandma, mom, and my brother and I as she used to be. I miss that. My uncle isn’t around that much either. For some reason my mom and her siblings have grown majorly apart. I miss the world when they were close and around. And when high school drama didn’t exist but now that I think about it high school drama has always existed, I was just blinded by being a little girl.

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