The Rightful Father of Oregon

June 7, 2010
By , Seattle, WA
John McLoughlin is rightfully the Father of Oregon. He was a successful businessman who contributed a lot to the Fort Vancouver which had the Hudson’s Bay Company. The Indians trusted him with trade and he treated them with kindness and respect. He was a leader that helped people. John McLoughlin was a strong figure for a long time because of his accomplishments. He spent a lot of time in helping the development of Fort Vancouver and the Hudson’s Bay Company.

John McLoughlin managed Hudson’s Bay Company and Fort Vancouver well and made it the most successful community. He was a good leader who was capable of leading a group of people to accomplishment (Lambert 126). His decision, along with the president, to move to a different place made the community more successful (Pelz 75). Fort Vancouver became the most well- known community in the Pacific Northwest (Lambert 126). Hudson’s Bay Company was a combination of the Northwest Fur Company, The Rocky Mountain Fur Company, and The Hudson’s Bay Company itself (LeWarne 88). John McLoughlin organized the trades with the Indians and took leadership in managing the company (Green 69). In order to successfully trade, John McLoughlin treated the Indians really well.

John McLoughlin treated the Indians with respect using a benevolent way of compromising. He kept promises that he made to the Indians and made sure that they were treated with respect (Pelz 74). He had houses that he provided for the Indians that were working for him (Green 69). Being on the good side of the Indians made him able to encourage them to support the Hudson’s Bay Company by trading with only them (Pelz 74). The Indians kept out of his way and he had no disturbances (John). He was a man who used kind ways to succeed. But he was also a leader to people.

John McLoughlin was a leader to people around him and he was willing to help. His strong opposition took over the non- Indian activities (Pelz 74). He helped the Indians a lot by giving them the respect they wanted even if he didn’t like them so much. John McLoughlin represented government law for the British and the Americans (LeWarne 94). He was willing to help people even if they were on the opposite side. As the leader, people listened to him and followed his lead.

As a strong leader people took John McLoughlin’s lead. Everyone knew he was successful. For being such a successful person, he is truly the Father of Oregon. He helped other people and he gained their trust. As the manger of one of the most well-known and working companies, he was able to help it exceed.

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