My Greatest Influence MAG

By Merissa P., Getzville, NY

   The person who influenced my life most is the person who saved my life.

On May 4, 1996, on the way home the SATs, I got into a very bad car accident. I was driving, and my friend, Karen, was in the passenger seat. After we were hit, neither of us could walk because our knees had been smashed into the dashboard. Luckily people pulled over to help us. Some called the police, and one lady called my mom and went to pick her up. One very special lady ran straight to the car and asked us if we were okay. When she saw we were hurt she told us not to move. About 30 seconds later the car started smoking. You have to understand this woman was no more than five feet tall and she couldn't have weighed more than 100 pounds. I don't know how someone that small could have lifted me out of my car, but that is exactly she did. A minute later, when I turned around, the driver's seat was totally in flames. Later, after I returned home, I found out her name was Debbie, when she called to make sure I was okay. She had called the police station to get my phone number. Karen and I spent the day in the hospital.

To this day I don't have any way to get in touch with Debbie, but if I could, I would thank her for caring so much about someone she didn't even know. I would also like to tell her that she influenced my life by keeping me alive, so every other person I meet will be able to influence me. -

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