Night Viper MAG

By Kristi L., Framingham, MA

   Driving down the highway at 11:30, I became hypnotized by the lights. The two red tail lights in front of me were like an evil reflection of myself, daring me to sleep. To my left, there was a sparkling, white snake, winding along endlessly. The snake was ever changing its pattern. The scales glowed like millions of blinding, bright suns. It sought my attention, trying to lure my eyes into focusing on its moving body. I fought with all my strength, for I knew its evil plan.

The plot was simple. The serpent would force me to gaze at its luster, and I would be trapped. Blindness would come quickly and I would veer off the road at the first turn.

The slithering snake would not give up, but neither would I. We fought a long battle. The serpent was fighting for evil, but I was fighting for survival. I refused to be tempted by the glimmering body of the snake. Its shiny apple was rotten and worm-laden inside.

As I continued to follow the red eyes in front of me, the serpent tried harder to tempt me. At every twist and turn, it would flash a piece of its corrupting light on my insecure eyes. But I would not give in.

I ventured a glance upward and saw it was my exit. As I followed the off ramp away from the serpent, I was filled with relief. Once again, I had triumphed over the deadly call of the viper. 1

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i love this !


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